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Hi, I’m Ky Evans, 

Made in Detroit but now residing in beautiful Miami, Florida – a fitness mecca! 

I'm an elite celebrity strength & coaching coach, group fitness strategist and was one of the stars of the NBC show “STRONG” by Sly Stallone (now on Netflix - by the way :)

I built my own following as one of the most sought-after group instructors in Los Angeles, with a month-long wait list. 

My clientele are TV and film personalities, professional athletes & Olympians.  I have been highlighted in over 40 fitness publications, was Shape magazine’s 2014 Hottest Trainer in America and have been featured in People MagazineOK Weekly, Self, Shape, ELLE Australia, LA Confidential, DuJour, Bello Magazine, W Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, Fitness RX and TV such as Good Morning AmericaE! News, TMZ, Good Day LA and ABC 7.  

I am now sharing my knowledge and experience with other group fitness instructors, studio owners and clients around the world as the Founder and Chief Educational Officer of GROUP FITNESS ACADEMY™

Happy “training”!

Kelsye Rae

"I am forever thankful for having the opportunity to work with him"

Working with Ky was truly a life changing experience! His energy and passion will ignite a fire inside of you like never before. I was fiercely challenged to push through boundaries and I learned that even through failure and setbacks, progression is a journey. 

Ky believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, and I am forever thankful for having the opportunity to work with him and GFA.

Heather Levinson

"He unlocked new potential in me....helped me to thrive in and out of the studio"

To work with Ky is a true gift. He helped unlock new potential in me which allowed me to thrive in and out of the studio. 

With his repertoire of expertise I gained so much from him. 

I am proud to be a part of the tribe and thankful for the continued support he offers to all coaches. I am forever grateful for him.

Melanie Echanique

"Ky’s extensive experience in fitness has gifted him with a game-changing skill set that needs to be shared with every fitness professional"

My experience with Ky and Jodi turned my entire approach to coaching on its head.When I met Ky, I thought I was good at my job. I had been coaching group classes for 4 years and was a professional public speaker for over a decade. I had a sassy attitude and a loud, booming voice, and I thought I was crushing it with that combo.

No one but Ky saw past the performance and showed me how my genuine, real self could be more valuable to my career than any show I could put on. I didn’t realize how powerful it could be to REALLY make eye contact with someone who was struggling, or how motivating it was for a person to hear me call out their name and MEAN IT. 

Ky was able to zero in on things that made me special, and showed me how to use that to connect with each person in the room. His guidance has changed the way I carry myself, and taught me to walk into any room and really see each person I come into contact with. These skills not only helped me build up my coaching career, but have bled over into my life as an entrepreneur outside of the fitness world, making me more relatable, likeable, and transparent while still allowing me to command a room and present the confidence needed to be a leader people will trust and stand behind.

Ky’s extensive experience in fitness and in the acting world has gifted him with a game-changing skill set that needs to be shared with every fitness professional. He has trained thousands of coaches and instructors over his multi-decade career in many modalities. 

Whether you’re a new coach interested in learning more about the technical aspects of coaching a fitness class, a studio owner who wants to mold the best trainers in your city, or an experienced fitness pro trying to see how far you can take your career. 

Ky and Jodi are a one-stop shop. Show up ready to do the work and you won’t regret it.

Monica Marder

"After working with Ky we have 5 star reviews and over 1000 positive reviews..."

Ky is one of the most talented individuals in the fitness industry. The way he is able to light up a room of coaches and help them discover their WHY is unparalleled to any other fitness seminar out there. 

He creates a safe place, where coaches feel comfortable to be themselves, to ask questions and make mistakes so they can evolve and grow. 

He is supportive, encouraging, and leads a vast amount of empathy and authority. He championed me as an owner, and made me feel proud. 

Ky has helped fulfill my dream to curate a positive, warm, encouraging company culture where my coaches love to train, and my clients can’t get enough.

FORM50 has a clear mission as a brand. We have 5 star reviews on most channels, and over 1000 positive reviews from clients. The studio client retention rate has increased significantly, and we are now in a profitable position, where we can explore scaling to open more locations. 

My coaches and I both feel so confident while leading class, we have the knowledge and understanding of programming, the human body, injuries, modifications, and how to deal with difficult clients and situations. 

We are so proud of where we are today, and we always look forward to more time with Ky. 

Ky has taught us the importance to never stop learning, and the joys that education can bring to the lives of many.

Amy Briant

"You blew our minds!"

Thank YOU guys for creating the space and sharing the vision with us. You were exactly what the pilates doctor ordered. Sending you love this week ♥♥♥

Thank you both for the best day ever! You blew our minds and are so excited for tomorrow! 

Anna Van Delden

"Ky has fresh and exciting methods"

Ky helped bring my vision of what I wanted my studio to be like to life. He has been my mentor every step of the way. I wanted more than the typical group fitness experience. My goal was to create an environment where clients always felt accepted and uplifted from the moment they walked in. Also to have the safest, most challenging workout in Houston.

Hiring Ky from day 1 has most definitely helped me achieve my goals. I had him train my team pre-opening which was vital to my opening success. His training techniques are not of the norm but they work! I have had him back to my studio 3 additional times for continued education for my coaches and new instructor training. Each time he returns he has fresh and exciting methods to enhance our training and method.

Jessica Kwock

"I highly recommend Ky’s coaching to every kind of fitness professional"

“Find your WHY.” This lesson changed my entire approach to coaching for the better. My first experience with Ky took place at the exact right moment—I had been teaching for over two years and felt comfortable yet complacent in my craft. Ky blew that complacency up in my face and forced me to find what truly inspired me to do this work. Not only did he coach me to become a more technically advanced coach on the megaformer—from improving verbal cues and physical adjustments to creating more efficient programming—but he pushed me to incorporate my unique, loud and powerful personality into each workout I facilitated. This inspired me to work harder in service of my clients. I’ll be forever grateful to Ky for pushing me to always remember my WHY. 

I highly recommend Ky’s coaching to every kind of fitness professional. You won’t regret it. 

Justina Ercole

"My coaching has completely transformed"

My coaching has completely transformed since working with Ky. He knows how to take your strengths and amplify them so you can serve your clients better. 

I have learned more than I ever thought I could not only about coaching and exercise science, but about MYSELF and how I can help others grow and transform. 

If you are looking to be in the top tier of this industry, you need Ky and GFA by your side.

Katherine Ladcani

"Ky has such an incredible gift" 

Ky has such an incredible gift-- the ability to naturally guide others to the highest version of themselves. Over the span of 3 years I've participated in several seminars with Ky & GFA and every time I've walked away with even more knowledge and the confidence to serve others. Ky & GFA bring an entirely different approach to group fitness through personal reflection, group activities, and science based movement theories.

I encourage every fitness studio to get on the KY & GFA train if they want to empower their coaches and clients!!!

Kelly Lombardi

"Thank you Ky for your relentless pursuit in making us the best coaches we can be"

New to group fit instruction, I started working at INSTAPHYSIQUE a Lagree™ fitness studio in Northern California over a year ago. Ky Evans became our head trainer and coach shortly after I got certified. 

Man it wasn't pretty at first, but Ky provided me personally the space, tools and confidence to grow as an instructor. 

Armed with years of experience he taught us how to lead, find our voice and understand the "why" behind our programming!! 

Ky's energy, charisma and genuine love of helping people be the best version of themselves is inspiring! 

Group Fitness Academy has permeated how I teach and what I try to give back to my clients! 

Thank you Ky for your relentless pursuit in making us the best coaches we can be.

Jodi Braner

"It has been a complete life changing experience"

How do you Thank someone who's helped you not only unlock your potential as a Coach, but your confidence in everyday life? It's hard to condense into just a few words, all the ways Ky and his programs have helped me.

Ky came to our studio just as I finished my Coaches Certification Course. Honestly, I had always struggled with being my true self, low self esteem, low confidence. I was a wallflower. Going through training, I had my doubts. I could see the Coach I knew I could be, but didn't know how to become her, how to let her out. Ky did. He had all the right exercises that helped me unlock my potential. What I didn't realize, was that not only did that mean as a Coach, but in my everyday life as well. It has been a complete life changing experience. I have been working with Ky for almost two years now. Every time I see him, I learn something new that helps me grow even more. He is truly amazing and cares so much. You have a gift my friend, and I am so grateful that you have a passion for using it to help others. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

Bekah Adkins

"Unlike any other training out there"

I never understood my potential as a coach or leader until I met Ky and Jodi. Group Fitness Academy came to our studio in New York to train our team with their carefully curated coaching program. Level 1 training was an eye-opening experience, not only in finding a deeper understanding of exercise science, but it also made me start thinking about “WHY.” 
There were questions I needed to answer as a person and as a fitness coach, and through them I developed a deeper understanding of myself and WHY I live the life I do. Ky facilitated a safe environment that gave me the opportunity to dig deep and find my passion for coaching. He taught me how to lead and empower others and make group fitness a true experience. GFA is unlike any other training out there. Ky and Jodi changed my outlook on coaching and changed my life.

Corey van Wyk

"I feel more confident in the way I coach "

Ky's training has allowed me to grow as a coach in ways I wasn't even aware of. It's not just all about the science behind the moves, or coaching techniques, but about your purpose. 

Ky is able to help you have a much deeper understanding of how what you do as a coach impacts your client. After two training sessions with Ky, I feel more confident in the way I coach, and more importantly, why I coach.

Hillary Zashin

"Ky's training methods are second to none!"

Ky was instrumental to the opening and the continued success of CORUS45. We have worked with him virtually and live for the past 3 years. 

His knowledge about how to run a studio and create a “fitness” culture is invaluable. He exudes energy unlike any other trainer and is able to connect with staff professionally. His training methods are second to none and I highly recommend him

Alisa Scannell

"Ky's expertise is unparalleled"

Hey there! My name is Alisa. I own 3 studios in the bay area called Heartcore. Before I met Ky and Jodi, I felt very lost as an instructor and very lost as a studio owner. We have this amazing machine but the big question is what you actually do with it?
For years, I was teaching, and I just felt very lost. I knew there's only one team to call, and that was Ky and his partner Jodi, and they came to my studio and re-trained my entire team.
Before we were so confused and now we're just crushing it! Now we finally have clients raving about our classes. I can't say enough about how amazing they are. Ky's expertise is unparalleled. So grateful to Ky and Jodi for changing my life, my team and my businesses.

And I know, they will change your life too!

Caroline Bolton

" Ky taught me so much more"

One of the things I learned from Ky is about connecting to people more than just in this room but connecting to them in real life and getting to know who they are. 

Ky taught me that is so much more than just 40 minutes on a machine. It's about changing your life and changing other people's lives. Every day you have the opportunity to help people change their lives. That was huge for me.

Caitlin Rose

"Everyone really enjoyed it"

Good morning! I wanted to let you and Ky know I really thought about your notes when I taught this morning and it already felt so different! Everyone really enjoyed it. Thank you! 🙏💕

Laura Chi Lucas

"I've been getting great feedback!!"

 Hey! I've been trying to incorporate the things we discussed into my classes, slowly but surely, I can see myself improving!

Some of the biggest improvements have come from slowing down (using a watch), taking more time/ move with fewer moves in total, using clients on a machine to demo/ instruct (instead of myself), and no more rolling around on the floor to demo lol. It's been very helpful and I've been getting great feedback!!

Amy Brown

"I would highly recommend Ky "

I can't thank Ky enough for what he has brought to me, my studio, our coaches and community. The ability Ky has to light a spark and guide people to find their own greatness is unparalleled. Ky and GFA have brought us a level of training that you can't get elsewhere, and they inspire us to keep evolving and serving our clients. Their seminars are organized and hands-on, and helps coaches dig deep in a way other fitness training lack. I would highly recommend Ky and Group Fitness Academy - the fitness industry needs more of what GFA is serving up!
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